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For the first time in
Azerbaijan was created a
'smart robot'
An 'intelligent robot' has been created in Azerbaijan. The name of the local robot 'Bibot' is Baku informational robot.
According to Day.Az, its creator is the BNB Dynamics company founded this year.
“For many years we have been watching how robots simplify people's daily lives in different countries of the world. Finally, this convenience will come true in Azerbaijan.
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Smart Robot Bibot In just two months, we have created a 'smart robot' that can answer people's questions in several languages. It can be put anywhere in the city where people are served.
We add that the main areas of the company are robotics, industrial design, software, development and training of artificial intelligence.

At the moment, the company is working on a project to create a complete human copy - a humanoid robot.

In the future, BNB Dynamics will develop fast prototypes of these robots. Artificial intelligence will be used in the projects of smart home, smart cart, smart store, etc.
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Media news
First Azerbaijan
Smart Robot
by day.az An 'intelligent robot' has been created in Azerbaijan. The name of the local robot 'Bibot' is Baku informational robot. Read More
Azerbaijan has created
a Smart Robot
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First Azerbaijan
Smart Robot
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