BNB Dynamics
BNB Dynamics - is an innovative technology company established in Azerbaijan in 2018. We specialize in the commercial production of robots, where our ultimate goal is to take human living conditions to the highest comfort level. Our main field covers high-tech robotics and innovation for a vast range of businesses. We employ highly qualified engineers and professional industrial design managers.
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Take advantage of our comprehensive service program, which includes commissioning, repair work, maintenance and servicing. With our global network and by using the latest means of communication, we can offer our customers the outstanding service.
Professionalism, reliability, speed - the necessary qualities to ensure the effective creation and development of your ideas and projects. For this reason, we adhere to an unbiased approach to the specific and individual requirements and wishes of customers. In addition to our daily experience, work, development, we listen to the feedback from our customers, which contributes to the best service. We offer you sets of high quality consulting and support services - from training courses and a hotline for your requests, to upgrading robots, systems, software. In addition, we provide you with the necessary maintenance, repair and customized solutions for customers. In this way, we can ensure maximum efficiency of your projects.
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Contact Us Need more information? We are always happy to help you! Phone: +99412 373 66 05 Email: office@bnbdynamics.az Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Nobel avenue 108E Please complete this form if you would like to have more information. You will be contacted soon. Thank you.
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